Join us for fun Square and Round Dance Lessons!

All classes at the Buckeroo Barn, 5051 NE Stephens St, Roseburg, OR.

Modern Western Square Dance is different from the square dance you might have learned in grade school. We dance to a variety of music, from oldies to country to recent hits. Solos, couples, and families will be getting together to socialize, have fun, and practice this easy to learn social dance. It is great mental and physical exercise, too! No experience required. No partner needed. Wear causal clothes and comfortable  shoes. Note, age 12 and up for all classes, please. Minors need to be accompanied by a supervising adult. 

Beginning mainstream level square dance lessons

2024 Winter Mainstream Beginning Lessons start March 3 and will continue every Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm.  First 2 lessons free. Square dance caller Chuck SImkins will be teaching this fun class. Couples, solos, and families welcome but class participants must be 12 or older. If you have questions, please text or call New Dancer Coordinator, April 541-580-0879.

Plus level square dance lessons

Already an experienced mainstream square dancer? Take it to the next level with plus lessons hosted by the Timber 8's. Come to learn, brush up, or support the soon to be plus dancers. Square dance caller Roger Putzler will be teaching plus class on Sunday afternoons from 3:30-4:30pm immediately after mainstream class.  Contact us via email or Facebook if you have any questions. 

Round dance lessons

Round dance is also known as Choreographed Ballroom Dancing. It is a form of dancing where each song is choreographed, a cuer announces the steps just ahead of the beat, and all the dancers on the floor dance the same steps at the same time. Dancers move in a circle around the floor, thus "round dancing". We hold our partners in the normal ballroom way. Our dance steps are similar to ballroom dance steps.

Round dance provides personal, non-competitive enjoyment.  It provides a source of mental and physical exercise, social interaction, and personal challenge. The music is exciting and captivating, and the choreography allows one to not only hear, but to experience the music. 

Beginner and Beyond Beginner lessons are offered Spring and Fall in a variety of rhythms, including Two Step, Waltz, Cha, Rumba, Jive, Bolero, Slow Two Step, Foxtrot, and West Coast Swing.

All events are held at the Buckeroo Barn in Roseburg. Contact us with any questions at luvrounddancing@gmail.com or call the Club President, Rod Skinner, at 541-680-1988. Please note that the Barn does not have air conditioning. If summer temperatures rise to 90 or above, events are likely cancelled; contact us before traveling.