Links you may find helpful

DC Dancing 

Line dance lessons/dancing held at the Buckeroo Barn. Wednesdays 5:30 - 8:15 pm, lessons 5:30-6:15 pm when class is scheduled. 

Oregon Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

OFSRDC is the organization for clubs across the state. The monthly Oregon Federation News has info about upcoming dances for every Federation club in the state.

Mid-Winter Festival

OFSRDC's annual festival of square, round, and clog dancing. Held the last full weekend of January in Albany, 1000 dancers from multiple states attend every year.

Oregon Summer Festival

OFSRDC's annual summertime companion festival to Mid-Winter. Held every year in July, often in Salem.

Video Square Dance Lessons 

Watch videos that explain and demonstrate all Mainstream and Plus square dance moves. Play from their website or watch on Youtube.

Taminations Square Dance Animations

View online or download to your smartphone or mobile device (Apple, Android, or Kindle Fire). Created by Brad Christie of the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club. Mainstream through Challenge. For viewing online on mobile devices or small screens: Taminations for mobile devices

Open Squares Square Dance Animations

If you need animations to look like people instead of squares and circles, and like to see the hands, try this set. Website in German with some English.

Square Dance Call Lists 

Definitions from CALLERLAB.

Where's The Dance

Look up dances by location, in Oregon or around the world. 

Square Dance Jargon

Definitions of some terms you may hear while square dancing.

Square Dance History Project

An interesting look into square dancing's origins and past.